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    Your Video Guide To World Youth Days In Krakow

    If you’re in town for World Youth Day 2016, there is some important information you won’t want to miss.

    1. Pilgrim's Guide - in the steps of Patron Saints of WYD Krakow 2016

    In this video, Peter Szarkowski shows you some of the historic places pilgrims will be going to during World Youth Day. Don’t miss any of these places on your itinerary:

    2. World Youth Day 2016 - What can you bring in your personal luggage?

    An important thing to consider when planning your trip to World Youth Day is what you’ll take with you. If you’re traveling from outside the European Union, you’ll want to comply with Polish customs, particularly pertaining to tobacco, alcohol, and money.

    3. Official English Theme Song - WYD 2016

    The official English version of the theme song of World Youth Day has been released, and you can listen to it here. Find the lyrics posted in the comments so you can sing along:

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    Are you going to World Youth Day 2016? What are you most looking forward to?

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